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We seek to partner with you in your risk management activities by building a relationship based on trust and performance and giving you a competitive advantage through lower insurance costs.

The InsureWise Mission: Provide the best possible coverage for clients, at the lowest possible cost, from the strongest carrier available.

We can lower your insurance costs!

Evaluate exposures to loss and suggest appropriate insurance coverages

Provide quotes from a variety of insurance carriers so you get the best coverages and the fairest price

We will provide consistent quality service as to be responsive to your needs and request.

Let's meet to discuss your risk management needs.

InsureWise is not a typical insurance agency.

By utilizing our family of companies, reducing and managing your commercial risk is achievable.

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Latest Blogs

  • The Three Types of Hazards

    Risk Management involves the understanding of the predominant three hazards groups and how those hazards, left untreated, lead to losses. Hazard Analysis is the term used to describe and articulate the components that start the chain of causation that leads to injury. Hazards create exposures that need to be recognized, evaluated and controlled. A hazard

    October 27, 2017
  • Insurance Basics

    Most employers have to purchase several types of insurance coverage just to operate a business. Some of these insurance coverage’s are required by law and others are required by contract, so the purchase of insurance is typically not optional. There are 5 basic types of Business Insurance coverage: Property Insurance– protects structures, equipment and contents

    October 27, 2017
  • The Rights of a Seaman

    A seaman who becomes injured or ill in the course and scope of his employment is  entitled to certain benefits and may be entitled to recover for damages from his employer in certain situations. The only common element in the benefits and claims we will be discussing is that  the injured or ill employee qualifies as a “seaman”.

    September 27, 2017