Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance is a vehicle insurance policy that provides financial protection for a business’ vehicles and its drivers. Employees involved in on-the-job collisions will receive coverage for medical injuries as well, regardless of fault.


Commercial vehicles are any vehicles and trailers that a business or company uses to transport job-related materials, goods or equipment. Work vehicles have insurance premiums paid for by the company, unlike policies for personal vehicles that the vehicle owner pays for.


The most common type of commercial auto insurance is liability coverage, which most states require. It covers a driver liable for damaging vehicles or injuring others. Other types of commercial auto insurance include collision, uninsured, and motorist.


Factors that can increase premiums include the type of vehicle driven, safety devices such as air-bags and automatic seat belts, anti-theft devices and parking locations. A company’s previous insurance claims can also affect the cost of insurance.

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